Recommended reading on Critical Thinking in Arab Storytelling:

Ibyn Tufayl scrupulously practiced this art of writing. He certainly expressed a wisdom that should have remained hidden, but he did it in an indirect way, behind a veil, as he puts it – in such a way that only those who are equipped to understand it will be able to uncover its secrets. In a word, what he has revealed will remain a secret between him and his brothers: “But we have taken care to cover the secrets that we entrust to these few pages with a light veil, which will promptly be pierced by those worthy of doing so but will remain impenetrably opaque to anyone unworthy of progressing beyond it. His book is thus composed of two books: one, which is open, for the masses; and the other, which is closed for philosophers.

– Abdelfattah Kilito, Arabs and the Art of Story Telling translated by Mbarek Sryfi and Eric Sellin (2014)

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