On loved ones we have lost or never met| There | I will always be hurt there pain there can’t describe there sometimes there is on my mind when I imagine that you may have been there too pause break Une douleur imortalisee* let there be Sabar* for me for you there. Phrase and Proverb Glossary: Une douleur immortalisee (a pain immortalised written in French), Sabar (the patience wished on those who are especially grieving the loss of a lovedRead more


Algiers Series | Unexpected Love Story | Didou swore by his love for his wife. So much so that he decorated every corner of his inner city apartment block in ceramic celebrations of her life. After all it was her dying wish. In the entrance hallway of a European build, he has plastered pictures of his beloved, family members and memories from his boxing days. Didou talks through every picture like a tribute, each attached to a story he insistsRead more


Sti Fatma Series: Flour Grinder l A local inhabitant of the Sti Fatma area in the Atlas Mountains shows me a traditional stone grinder used to make flour. Grains are tossed into the funnel shaped basket which ensures the right amount of grain falls onto the stone grinder. A handle is turned in a circular motion and grains are crushed to produce fresh flour.Read more


Madinat Shamal Series: Stories from the Ocean l Pahalwan – The Old Pearl Diver shares stories about his ventures out at sea near Madinat Al Shamal in the north of Qatar. Among the items he carries with him are nets, oyster shells and old pearling relics which he has collected over the years. He has set up tent near an old village and archaeological site dating back to the 18th century called Al Zubarah – a place which witnessed much diaspora.Read more


Recommended reading on Critical Thinking in Arab Storytelling: Ibyn Tufayl scrupulously practiced this art of writing. He certainly expressed a wisdom that should have remained hidden, but he did it in an indirect way, behind a veil, as he puts it – in such a way that only those who are equipped to understand it will be able to uncover its secrets. In a word, what he has revealed will remain a secret between him and his brothers: “But weRead more