Re: the vagabonds we meet in travel |It Was Nice Knowing You | She was fascinated by anybody’s ability to capture a bewildering emotion in spoken or written word a systematic lyric (musique*) or a consuming melody what a gift to decipher what a joy to be as precise as traveling light and sound frequencies gravitational pulls that keep us grounded when we have nothing left (walou*) but the love we must give to another under these flickering street lightsRead more


Doha Series | Souq Baggage | It’s just after 4pm and the Souq reopens for the evening. A hamaliya worker (mover in Arabic) paid to carry heavy goods in his wheel barrow takes a rest on it while the shopkeeper packs the items he is to transport to the customer’s car. He prays on his prayer beads, reciting religious scripture at every possible moment he gets for himself and it’s peaceful to observe.  Read more