Recommended reading on the Black, Arab & Berber people and diversity of the Sahara | From the Atlas Mountains in the Sahara to the Hoggar plateau, there was a huge desert, where a traveller could see vast areas of land covered by sand: the sand alternated with rocks in many areas of the desert. The sand dunes were at times as high as two hundred metres: the powerful desert storms from the north east along the Gassis corridor contributed immenselyRead more


Algiers Series | Timimoun Connections | A young boy orders some snacks from the tea hotspot in central Algiers. Customers are plenty at this favourite snack hut in the heart of the capital. Friendly chat is exchanged as people wait for their orders of fresh mint tea. The tea shop resembles a hole in the wall but one that is not easily missed. In a box-like store in the wall, a window allows passersby to peer in from the sidewalkRead more


Re: the vagabonds we meet in travel |It Was Nice Knowing You | She was fascinated by anybody’s ability to capture emotion in spoken or written word a systematic lyric or a consuming melody what a gift to decipher what a joy to be as precise as traveling light and sound frequencies gravitational pulls that keep us grounded when we have nothing left (walou*) but the love we must give to another under these flickering street lights a broken heartRead more


Manama Series: Business at Manama Souq l An elderly Bahraini man selling various imported goods invites passersby over to take a look at his market stall. Among the goods he sells are kitchen appliances, toothbrushes, hair combs and toothpicks. In Manama, Bahrainis work across all fields from taxi drivers to bankers and shopkeepers. Bab Al Bahrain (meaning Gateway of Bahrain in Arabic) is where the city’s souq begins and it really does provide a passage into the country’s innercity spirit as its peopleRead more