ramadan//a poem for us

dawq: and so you enter

a realm

to clean the sheet

like morning,

a knowing of the quench,

a thirst that grounds

at dawning

sami3: you hear

the masjids,

they call


the yawning,

a word to keep

you steadfast,

when your


is calling

haas: do you feel

the light,

it’s renewed


the soaring,

and when the

shadow shifts,

there lay metaphors

worth exploring

souls they scurry

and prayers

break down

a hoarding,

the good that’s

done, the good that’s


quiet in the outpouring

shoof: do you see

the moon’s message,

a reminder

of the rights

that rise after the falling,

a proof from the


of promises

worth adorning

shim: so it comes

and so it goes,

a scent of grace


those who recognise

an empathy, love and trust,

granted in

the pausing

Image: doha minaret

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