Re: Process of writing poetry | The Journey Not the Destination |


When I

don’t understand

a magical inquisition

is ignited


soul search

search engine

sweet wonder

yonder ponder

test but

not judge

see yet

practice empathy

pick up book

put it down

naturally curious

enlightened yet



virtual bookmark

physical bookmark

stop writing

cross it out

start again

trace it in

(Ya Allah*)

when I

don’t Understand

a magical inquisition

is ignited


either way

(Al hamdulilah*)

Word Glossary:

Bismillah (in the name of god in Arabic), Courageux (courageous in French), Ya Allah (oh god in Arabic), Suffisent (sufficient in French), Al Hamdulilah (thank god in Arabic)

Poem background: This poem, inspired by time in spent in Doha, describes my writing process, spontaneous and fragmented. It features both Arabic and French, all my possible Algerian mother tongues, as a way of projecting my multicultural up-to-three dimensional hybridity.

Image: Doha sea off the bay, Doha, Qatar.

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